Water Based Flooring Adhesive For Bus Coach Manufacturing

Water Based Flooring Adhesive For Bus Coach Manufacturing

Water based Bus coach manufacturing Adhesive


Chadha Corporation Pvt.Ltd. has introduced " GREENO" as an all purpose bus coach manufacturing adhesive.

As the name itself defines its core.It is named "GREENO" because it is a green technology and also the technology of future."GREENO" is a water based, high solids, non flammable, multipurpose adhesive for installing.

1. PVC flooring over wooden surface like mdf or plywood, waterproof plywood.

2. Used for fiber to fabric ( carpet ) joining ( for luggage rack )

3. Sheet metal to fabric ( carpet ) joining ( for the boot area ) in the bus coach manufacturing industry.

Properties of " GREENO"

" GREENO " is a solvent free,synthetic polymer-based adhesivein water dispersion.Due to its particular formulation and extended open time,it can be used as wet-bed adhesive for all kinds of pvc floorings on absorbent substrates, like wood or MDF,plywood etc.

Application of " GREENO "

  • " GREENO " is a high performance professional adhesive for the installation of pvc vinyl floorings on wooden surfaces thus ideally suitable and focussed product for bus coach manufacturing.
  • It also serves as an extremely strong adhesive in joining moulded fiber sheets with fabric ( carpet) for the luggage rack.
  • Gives a permanent bond in joining sheet metal with fabric for the boot of the bus coaches.
  • " GREENO " gives a good initial tack and provides a very high and unmatched peel strength,couple this with the product's extended open time, it is found to be extremely easy to apply.

Benefits of " GREENO "

  • Non flammable - " GREENO " is a solvent free product thus ending the issue of fire due to continous welding process at any coach manufacturing facility.
  • Water Based - Promoter of green technology.
  • One side applicaation - Saves half of the cost and time.
  • High Wet tack which promotes faster production.
  • ARAI accredited.
  • High solid content - 3 times the solid content which results in unmatched bonding in comparison to tradional solvent based adhesives.
  • Super smooth spread ability while application
  • No smell / harmful odour
  • No VOC
  • Meets the " BUS CODE" norms for fire retardant materials.

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