Ustaad 2600

Applications :-
Ladies footwear.
Safety shoes.
Heavy duty ladies footwear.

Advantages :-
Good coverage.
Long lasting bonds and water resistant properties.
Ease of application.
Mild smell.
No harmful benzene.

  • Ustaad 2600

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      Ustaad 2600

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      Technical Details :-

      Properties Unit USTAAD PU-2600 Hardener CB / CC
      Appearance Colourless, medium viscous liquid Dark -brown liquid
      Mixing Ratio Parts by Weight 100 parts 5 parts
      Shelf Life 1 Year from date of manufacturing in sealed container
      Heat Activation Temperature Degree Celsius 60-70° C
      TDS & MSDS Available upon request

      Packaging available:-
      1ltr, 5L, 25L